Edge UV Knife Sanitizer

Sienna UV Edge is a convenient combination UV light sanitizer and knife storage solution.  The union of automatic sanitization technology with modern design make it the perfect choice for upgrading your kitchen

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Sienna Direct Price: $79.99 (Knives are not included)

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Traditional knife blocks are a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria, and provide no functionality beyond storage.  The Sienna UV Edge kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria without harsh cleaners and chemicals.  Through a safe and effective chemical free process, the UV edge actively sanitizes as it stores making it the ideal solution for your kitchen cutlery.


Powerful Cleaning - UV Light eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria from the surface of your cutlery.  Replace filthy knife blocks with an integrated system that actively cleans as it stores

Safe and Sanitary for Families - Keep your family safe from bacteria that can accumulate on surfaces of your knives.  Ensure the food your prepare is safe and sanitary with clean knives

A Perfect Fit for Your Kitchen - The UV Edge's sleek, modern design and polished surfaces will complement your kitchen’s design and work with any existing appliances

East to Use - Automatically starts with a push of a button.  Auto-Shu off and alerts mean you can get it started and walk away

Long Lasting UV Bulb - Efficient and durable bulb with up to 20,000 hours of cleaning power delivers performance without the need to replace frequently.  

No Installation Necessary - Freestanding design means no installation is necessary.  Place it on any counter or table and start using. 

How it Works - After cleaning and drying your knives, place each one in the fitted slot.  Press the one-touch button to start the automatic heating and UV sanitizing cycle.  The knife blades will sit inside the body of the appliance where heat first dries excess moisture, and then powerful UV sanitizing light surrounds the entire surface of the blades.  The device will automatically shut off when it's finished and let you know with a quick beep.  That's it, no need to wait around or take additional steps.

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